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Through several personal purchasing experiences, Tamara understands what an asset a professionally connected agent can be in facilitating property research, discovering financing options, expediting contract negotiations, and locating a broad range of resources for clients.

While working in the legal profession Tamara honed her communication skills, maintained clear and confidential records, demonstrated reliable attention to detail, and developed a proficient organizational style. Her particular background also prepared her to understand and maneuver through the technicalities involved in representing, negotiating, financing, and closing procedures.

As a real estate professional, she is dedicated to providing value to a client by remaining knowledgeable of the area’s inventory, market trends, and current activity in communities. She is trained to help solve real estate needs as life events require, and provide client services throughout the transfer of property ownership.  It is Tamara’s ambition to bring all of her cumulative experiences together to work for the benefit of her clients.

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